Private Jets, Race Cars & Speed Boats among loopholes taxpayers to call on Kasich to close at Thursday Tax Fairness Rally

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Earlier this month, Governor John Kasich issued a challenge to the taxpayers of Ohio by saying, “You got any more loopholes you want closed, bring ‘em to us.” In response, One Ohio Now and Fight for a Fair Economy Ohio have partnered for a Rally for Taxpayer Fairness to call on Gov. Kasich to close the loopholes. The rally will take place at the McKinley Monument on the west plaza of the Ohio Statehouse beginning at Noon, Thursday, March 29th.

“It is time that Governor Kasich put his money where his mouth is and close wasteful loopholes,” said Becky Williams, President of SEIU District 1199. “There are too many special-interest giveaways, costing us hundreds of millions of wasted tax dollars, failing to create jobs, and benefiting only the rich and big corporations. It is up to us as hard-working, taxpayers to pressure the Governor to thoroughly and regularly review the $7 billion in annual exemptions, credits and deductions that riddle our tax code.”

“Great public services lead to stronger communities.  But right now, we’re making massive cuts to education and other vital services while loopholes exist for luxury jets, race car teams, and recreational vehicles purchased out-of-state,” said Gavin DeVore Leonard, State Director of One Ohio Now. “These loopholes benefit a small minority at the expense of the majority of Ohioans.  Big corporations and rich Ohioans need to pay their fair share.  Many of these loopholes are out-of-date and should have been closed long ago. Now is the time to cut these wasteful tax breaks.”

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