Should Millionaires Pay a Lower Tax Rate than the Middle Class?

The Buffett Rule, named after American investor Warren Buffett, would implement a higher tax rate for taxpayers in the highest income bracket.

When elected officials vote against the Buffett Rule, they are agreeing that billionaires and millionaires should pay a lower tax percentage than working, middle class families.

The Buffett Rule, named after American investor Warren Buffett and supported by President Obama, would ensure people earning more than a million dollars a year on investments will pay at least the same tax rate as middle class Americans.

Buffett, a billionaire member of the nation’s wealthiest 1%, believes it is fundamentally wrong that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.

During a 1985 speech in Atlanta Georgia, President Ronald Reagan expressed that he believed wealthy Americans should pay their fair share.

If a conservative like Ronald Reagan agreed with the Buffett Rule, why are our elected officials dragging their feet? It is time to tell your representative to support the Buffett Rule!

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