Ohioans Rally for Tax Fairness

People from around Ohio rallied on Tuesday to oppose cuts to federal programs and promote fair taxation.

“We are protesting today to shine a light on the giant corporations that pay little or no taxes, the rich individuals who pay a lower tax rate than secretaries and teachers, and the politicians who are letting them get away with it by catering to the interests of the top 1%,” says Teresa Law, an activist at a Cincinnati rally.

According to Citizens for Tax Justice, the U.S. has one of the lowest corporate income taxes of any developed country.  Still, legislators like Rob Portman are in favor of reducing the corporate tax rate.

While wealthy Americans are paying taxes at one of the lowest rates in 50 years, communities are facing cuts to essential services.  Americans cannot continue to give tax subsidies to billionaires, while telling our seniors to live on less, ignoring dilapidated infrastructure, and cutting education.

Rallies were held in Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Youngstown.The 99% are uniting to demand the 1% pay their fair share in taxes, for an economy and a nation that works for everyone, not just the richest 1%.

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