99% Marches on FirstEnergy

For years FirstEnergy hasn’t paid their fair share of taxes, earned massive profits while using dirty coal facilities.  To protest a system that is rigged against the customer, the Fight for a Fair Economy and the Sierra Club united against this greedy corporation at their annual shareholder meeting on May 15, at 10am.

Community members and activists wanted to present their theory of change to FirstEnergy executives, so they secured FirstEnergy stock shares to attend the meeting.  However, FirstEnergy executives unceremoniously left the meeting without speaking to their constituents. “Their abrupt departure leaves us to assume they are either do not know enough about their company to answer basic questions or they are afraid to acknowledge the truth to their shareholders” said Kate Patt.  “Either way, the company embarrassed themselves in front of their shareholders and the media.”

While FirstEnergy refused to answer to their consumers, this new coalition of community, faith and labor groups brought attention to the economic and environmental injustice and raised the voice of the 99%. They now know that the community will not allow them to put profits over people.

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