Ohioans Rally Against Romney/Ryan Economic Agenda


Cleveland, Ohio – Hundreds of Ohio’s workers and supporters of the 99% gathered in solidarity outside the Cuyahoga County Republicans headquarters today for to rally against the economic agenda of Romney, Ryan and John Kasich. Leaders from labor and allied groups including Samara Knight of SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH, Harriet Applegate of the Northshore AFL-CIO, Dawn Ring of Move-On and Debbie Silverstein of SPAN Ohio spoke passionately about what a Romney/Ryan economic agenda means for Ohio and the nation.

Ohio’s workers know that they cannot afford to see continuous cuts to vital programs and services that keep the middle-class strong. They understand that education and healthcare are both at risk and could very well be on the chopping block if a Romney/Ryan agenda is enacted.

The 99% will not stand by as the 1% profits from tax loopholes for big corporations. They will not stand by as Medicare ends as we know it and instead is replaced with an expensive voucher system. Ohioans know that a Romney/ Ryan agenda will be balanced on the backs of an already struggling middle-class.

Cleveland was joined today by other cities as workers and supporters of the 99% gathered in solidarity across the nation.

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