Rally for Worker Rights and Good jobs

Negotiations for good jobs in Columbus broke down last week when ABM refused to guarantee full-time hours for janitors. ABM’s decision signals a change in direction for the national, multi-million dollar company from employing a majority full-time to a majority part-time janitorial workforce.

Stand with us and Columbus janitors on Tuesday, October 15 at 4:00 p.m. at 21 E State in Columbus for a rally in support of full-time jobs for our community.

These workers are making an average of $18,000 a year can’t afford to lose hours or critical family benefits like health care. But they757c03f98530f1259b_k6m6b3nt2 can’t win this fight alone.

ABM profited $134 million off its janitorial work last year. Now ABM wants to increase its profits on the backs of the workers who make their business possible. At the same time, ABM has been retaliating against janitors who are standing up for good, full-time jobs in the workplace—violating Federal law in the process.

We cannot expect a bright future when we are shortchanging our city’s working families just to pad the pockets of bad acting, profitable corporations like ABM.

I hope you will join us on Tuesday, October 15 at 4:00 p.m. at 21 E State in Columbus. We will stand up together for good, full-time jobs that lift working families out of poverty.

Click HERE today and join the cause!

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