About the Fight for a Fair Economy

The Fight for a Fair Economy (Ohio) is a collaboration of efforts between SEIU, labor allies, community partners and grassroots supporters to fight back against attacks on working people and their families all across Ohio. While anti-worker politicians and special interest groups have begun to tear apart the fabric of social and economic justice, the power remains in the voices of our fellow citizens.

“Without a struggle, there is no progress.” – Frederick Douglass

The Fight for a Fair Economy focuses on the strength of workers through organizing, education and mobilization. Though our collective strengths as the middle class of Ohio we can challenge the political rhetoric and have the voices of all communities heard.

The Fight for a Fair Economy – Ohio

Stand Up for Good Jobs and Strong Communities

Stand Up for Ohio

When voters took to the ballot box last November, they sent a message to Washington, DC and the State of Ohio that we need good, family-sustaining jobs that will strengthen our communities. Good Jobs, Strong Communities is a coalition of community, labor, civil rights and environments groups designed to organize major street demonstrations and events as well as increase public awareness collectively surrounding the many issues member organizations are working on.

One Ohio Now

One Ohio Now

One Ohio Now is a coalition of organization advocating for a balanced approach to the Ohio budget process. Resources are not keeping pace with the growing need of services in our state. A balanced approach must include productive, stable revenue solutions that reflect today’s economy. Ohio must build on sound, sustainable public investments by addressing the immediate crisis and planning for the future.

“Right to Work” for Less Laws

All across America, special interest groups are working behind the scenes with anti-worker groups such as the “National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation” and others to take away the rights of workers to organize and have a voice at work. As many greedy corporate CEO and political extremists want workers to have the “Right to Work” for less, a majority of Ohioans do not support any such law that would eliminate family-sustaining jobs.

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